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Their live sex arranged valuable hours 

Spending Christmas on a Caribbean island is not without its problems, it seems.Take, for instance, the example of one British live sex family who mid-way through preparing their festive feast, realised they had forgotten to pack the all-important cranberry sauce.Thankfully, after scouring the island in vain to try and find somewhere that sold the condiment, they were able to call on the night porn services of a VIP courier service who immediately dispatched a jar of the sauce from London in time for their Christmas day dinner.
London-based courier company First Luggage delivered a jar of cranberry sauce to the Caribbean after a family who were spending Christmas Day on an island forgot to pack their favourite condimentIt is just one example of the unusual assignments undertaken by First Luggage – a London-based delivery company that prides itself on being able to transport luggage to its clients in the world’s most unlikely destinations.
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From delivering supplies to Mount Everest and football paraphernalia to President Obama in the White House, to sending BBC camera equipment to the remotest parts of Italy, First Luggage say they manage a range of weird and wonderful requests on a daily basis.Each week, the door-to-door company delivers hundreds of holidaymakers’ bags to destinations around the world. Sports personalities, celebrities and VIPs are also among those who rely on their services.
One of the biggest items they were asked to deliver was a circus big top from the UK to Angola in AfricaCelebrating its 10th year in business, First Luggage is now lifting the lid on some of its more unusual deliveries.Following extensive UK floods in early 2014, two Surrey newlyweds were left without their suitcase which had been lost underwater.After being rushed to the airport by boat, local police retrieved the case after it was seen floating past the police station.When the couple were informed, they immediately contacted First Luggage, who, with permission from the couple, dried out the contents, including a wedding dress, and then delivered it to them on their honeymoon.
Supplies and climbing equipment were also shipped to Everest base camp in 2013, where two British climbers were attempting to scale the summit of the world’s highest mountain
First Luggage came to the rescue when the BBC team needed camera equipment sent to one of the remotest parts of Tuscany in Italy, to film a recent series of the MasterChefThe company once sent a showerproof prosthetic leg sent from the UK to Canada, while one of the biggest items they were asked to deliver was a circus big top from UK to Angola.First Luggage came to the rescue when the BBC team needed camera equipment sent to one of the remotest parts of Tuscany in Italy, to film a recent series of the MasterChef, and the firm even couriered a large collection of sex toys from the US to southern France. FIRST LUGGAGES TOP TEN MOS 1. Supplies to Mt Everest: In spring 2013, First Luggage was called upon to deliver equipment for a British expedition to Everest in Kathmandu. The two British climbers were aiming for the summit 2. Soaking Suitcases: Following extensive UK floods in early 2014, two Surrey newlyweds were left without their honeymoon suitcase as they were rescued by boat before rushing to the airport. Local police retrieved the case as it floated past their station and the couple contacted First Luggage, who, with their permission, dried out the contents, including a wedding dress and other keepsakes, then delivered it to them on their honeymoon 3. Football gifts for the White House: Following the World Cup 2014, First Luggage arranged for the shipment of four Premiership Club football shirts to be sent as a gift to President Obama at the White House in Washington 4. A large collection of sex toys: These were shipped from US to southern France. 5. A showerproof prosthetic leg – sent from UK to Canada.  UNUSUAL COURIER ASSIGNMENTS   6. Circus Big Top: One of the largest items ever shipped by First Luggage was a circus big top from UK to Angola in Africa.7. Valuable Build: Worth £100,000 each, a shipment of two marble pillars for a house in Saudi Arabia came in as one of First Luggage’s most valuable deliveries 8. MasterChef’s Aid: First Luggage came to the rescue when the BBC team needed their camera equipment sending to one of the remotest parts of Tuscany in Italy, to film a recent series of the show.9. Celebrity Bow Tie – one unfortunate Hollywood actor attending a gala in New York, left his favourite custom-made bow tie in London but was rescued by First Luggage who delivered the garment to the Big Apple in less than 24 hours 10. Sauce for the Christmas Turkey: One family preparing their turkey while on holiday in the Caribbean realising they’d forgotten to bring cranberry sauce. It was not available on the island so First Luggage shipped a jar which arrived just in time for dinner. Supplies and climbing equipment were also shipped to Everest base camp in 2013, where two British climbers were attempting to scale the summit of the world’s highest mountain.Following the 2014 World Cup, First Luggage arranged for the shipment of four Premiership Club football shirts to be sent as a gift to President Obama at the White House in Washington.
The company once sent a showerproof prosthetic leg sent from the UK to Canada
Following the 2014 World Cup, First Luggage arranged for the shipment of four Premiership Club football shirts to be sent as a gift to President Obama at the White House in WashingtonOne Hollywood actor attending a gala in New York contacted the company after leaving his favourite custom-made bow tie in London. First Luggage claim the garment was delivered to the Big Apple in less than 24 hours.A shipment of two marble pillars destined for a house in Saudi Arabia and costing a total of £100,000, were among the firm’s most valuable deliveries.CEO and Founder of the company Gideon Kasfiner said: ‘We’ve encountered some challenging and unusual requests in our ten years of operation.But our team are very professional and treat every request with the utmost discretion; whether it’s a golfer or skier sending their kit on holiday or a high-profile celebrity making rather more exacting demands.’
First Luggage prides itself on being able to transport luggage to its clients in the most unlikely destinations 

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Forging bayan escort enabling map juice

It can restore a sense of touch to those missing limbs – and could revolutionise prosthetics.Researchers have revealed two patients bayan escort fitted with radical new artificial limbs that interface directly with their skeleton and nervous system.They were able to identify objects escort that touched their skin, and do everything from chop wood to drive trucks. Scroll down for video escort bayan
Keith Vonderhueval, a Swedish truck driver, was one of the first  to receive the technology, vip eskort which interfaces directly to his skeleton and nerves.Previous
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The system – which is limited to the lab at this stage – has worked for two-and-a-half years in Spetics case and 18 months for a second patient in the trial Keith Vonderhueval.Similar research involving prosthetic hands has reported sensation lasting one month and – in some cases – the ability to feel began to fade over weeks.Because of Vonderheuvals and Spetics continuing progress researchers are hopeful the method can lead to a lifetime of use and optimistic a system can be developed for use at home within five years.Spetic has a physically challenging job as a truck driver in northern Sweden, and since the surgery he has experienced that he can cope with all the situations he faces – everything from clamping his trailer load and operating machinery, to unpacking eggs and tying his childrens skates, regardless of the environmental conditions.
Patient wearing a prosthetic limb directly attached to the skeleton and neuromuscular system.Whats more Spetics phantom pain – which he described as a vice crushing his closed fist since the hand was sliced off by a forging hammer while making an aluminium jet part – subsided almost completely.Vonderhueval – who had less phantom pain after losing his right hand and much of his forearm in an accident – said his is also almost gone.Both men said the first time they were connected to the system and received the electrical stimulation was the first time theyd felt their hands since their accidents.In the ensuing months they began feeling familiar sensations and were able to control their prosthetic hands with more dexterity.
Igor Spetic Holding a Cherry TomatoProfessor Dustin Tyler, of Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, said: The sense of touch is one of the ways we interact with objects around us.Our goal is not just to restore function but to build a reconnection to the world. This is long-lasting, chronic restoration of sensation over multiple points across the hand.The work reactivates areas of the brain that produce the sense of touch. When the hand is lost the inputs that switched on these areas were lost.Surgeons implanted three electrodes in Spetics forearm – enabling him to feel 19 distinct points – and two in Vonderhuevels upper arm enabling him to feel 16. HOW IT WORKS
The direct skeletal attachment is created by what is known as osseointegration – a technology in limb prostheses pioneered by associate professor Rickard Branemark and his colleagues at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden.The artificial arm is directly attached to the skeleton, thus providing mechanical stability.Then the humans biological control system, that is nerves and muscles, is also interfaced to the machines control system via neuromuscular electrodes. This creates an intimate union between the body and the machine; between biology and mechatronics.The patients arm was amputated over 10 years ago. Before the surgery, his prosthesis was controlled via electrodes placed over the skin. Vonderhueval – who lost his hand in 2OO5 – said: The sense of touch actually gets better. They change things on the computer to change the sensation. One time it felt like water running across the back of my hand.When they began the study published online by the journal Science Translational Medicine the sensation Spetic felt when a sensor was touched was a tingle.To provide more natural sensations the researchers have developed algorithms that convert the input from the sensors taped to a patients hand into varying patterns and intensities of electrical signals.The sensors themselves arent sophisticated enough to discern textures – they detect only pressure.The different signal patterns – passed through the electrodes – are read as different stimuli by the brain. The patterns are still being fine-tuned and Spetic and Vonderhuevel who both live in Ohio appear to be becoming more attuned to them.A blindfolded Vonderhuevel has held grapes or cherries in his prosthetic hand – the signals enabling him to gauge how tightly hes squeezing – and pulled out the stems.He said: When the sensations on its not too hard. When its off you make a lot of grape juice.Prof Tyler believes everyone creates a map of sensations from their life history enabling them to correlate an input to a given sensation.He said: I dont presume the stimuli were giving is hitting the spots on the map exactly but theyre familiar enough the brain identifies what it is.In addition to hand prosthetics Prof Tyler believes the technology can be used to help those using prosthetic legs receive input from the ground and adjust to gravel or uneven surfaces.Beyond that the neural interfacing and new stimulation techniques may be useful in controlling tremors, deep brain stimulation and more.  

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child porno performance burberry cut year

Good look: Burberrys Prorsum range, modelled by Cara Delevingne at London Fashion WeekBurberry is set to continue its upwards growth child porno trajectory, although at a slower pace, when half-year figures are announced next week.Thanks to strong sales in Asia and a escort bayan thriving online performance, the UK fashion house is expected to shrug off a gloomy performance in Europe and decreasing footfall porn at stores.The brand has expanded into make-up, umbrellas and home accessories, as well as ready-to-wear fashion and an upmarket Prorsum escort range, modelled by Cara Delevingne at London Fashion Week.Analysts at Nomura have pencilled in a 9 per cent lift in sales. Shares closed 15p lower at 1477 yesterday.Chief executive Christopher Bailey provoked a revolt when his remuneration package of up to £10million a year was objected to by more than half of the group’s investors earlier this year.With former CEO Angela Ahrendts, who left to join Apple, Bailey is credited with turning the brand into a global luxury goods power house. 
Burberry Group PLC Share Price | This is Money
Troubled Tesco to cut back on growth plans after string of profit warnings

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porno late yosemite  apple s functionality

Apple is to unveil new iPads and new Mac computers on 16th October at its California HQ.The new gadgets could go porno on sale on the 24 October – with new Mac software, called Yosemite, available as a free download even earlier.  Last porno week, rumours suggested Apple was putting the finishing touches to a new version of its iPad Air – including a gold version. 
Apples invite for the event tells journalists Its been way too long – even though their last event was only last month.The small event is likely to be in stark contrast to the star-studded launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which saw U2 playing before the firm controversially gave away the bands new album.An apparent mockup of a slightly redesigned, next-generation iPad Air has surfaced from Vietnam showing a more trim profile, recessed volume buttons, and the addition of a Touch ID sensor to the home button.
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According to Tinhte.vn  the device comes in at just 7 millimeters thick, the same thickness as the iPhone 6.In addition to a redesigned speaker grille, the unit also sports a small hole where the mute/orientation lock switch appears on existing iPad units. The move is thought to be designed to boost sales of its full-size tablets, which are in decline.Until now, iPads have only been available in a monochromatic colour scheme, but a golden makeover would make the tablets more similar to the Californian company’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which come in three colours. 
An apparent mockup of a slightly redesigned, next-generation iPad Air has surfaced from Vietnam showing a more trim profile, recessed volume buttons, and the addition of a Touch ID sensor to the home button. 
Apple is preparing to launch a range of iMacs with Ultra HD Retina display screens in a bid to reinvigorate desktop computer sales.The firm is expected to reveal them alongside a new version of its Mac software called Yosemite, and news iPads this month.A new line of iMacs with ultra high-resolution Retina Displays is in late testing stages within Apple, according to our sources who have used the future desktop computer, said 9to5 Mac.While the machine will sport a thin profile similar to that of the current design, which was introduced in 2012, it will be packed with new internals such as faster processors and improved Wi-Fi antennas, it says.The firm will also launch a new version of its Mac software called Yosemite.The Yosemite software will allow users to make and receive calls and notifications from their Mac – even if their iPhone is in another room.The software has also been overhauled with a new flat look, and can search the web without having to open a browser.  New versions of the 9.7-inch tablet could include a golden metal rear cover as well as the silver and grey currently offered for the iPad Air, ‘people familiar with the matter’ told Bloomberg.The new iPads are also predicted to sport a thinner, more rounded design, similar to the iPhone 6.Hidden code in the latest iOS 8.1 beta software hints that the iPads will feature a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and Apple Pay functionality.  The code states that users can pay with iPad using Touch ID. With Apple Pay, you no longer need to type card numbers and shipping information.However, it is not clear whether the new iPad will come with NFC functionality, which is used for contactless payments, as it relies on a Wi-Fi or mobile connection. Apple Pay has only been announced in the US, so if the iPads do get the feature, it may be limited to only American buyers.  Apple is also rumoured to be launching a larger iPad with a 12.9-inch screen next year, which if true, could offer 76 per cent more screen area than the current 9.7 inch models.The latest swathe of Apple tablets could come with a split screen function, which would allow users of an iPad to open two apps side-by-side on one screen. Sales of iPads have slumped for two quarters, after climbing from $5 billion (£3 billion) when they were launched in 2010, to $30 billion (£19 billion) in 2012 and $32 billion in 2013 (£20 billion).The firm hasnt unveiled an updated iPad since last October when it launched the iPad Air and Mini, and it appears that consumers have instead been drawn to smartphones with larger screens, including recently, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, which has a 5.5 inch screen.
The new iPads are expected to have a rounded design similar to the recently released iPhone 6
The new iPads are also expected to include Touch ID sensorsApple is not new to the strategy of launching colourful products to boost its sales. In 1999 it rolled out different coloured iMacs which were successful, but sales of its iPhone 5C – a ‘budget’ version of the iPhone 5S – have not sold as well as the company hoped.The company is expected to unveil the new iPads at the same time as a range of iMacs with Ultra HD Retina display screens in a bid to reinvigorate desktop computer sales.The new line of iMacs is rumoured to have ultra high-resolution Retina Displays, a thin profile and faster processors as well as improved Wi-Fi antennas.The firm is expected to reveal them alongside a new version of its Mac software called Yosemite. Apple’s next iPad: bigger screen, Touch ID, Apple Pay and multi-window? | Technology | theguardian.com
Apple to Hold iPad Event on October 16 | Re/code
Apple Said to Add Gold Option to IPad to Goose Sales – Bloomberg
[Hình ảnh] Đây có phải là mô hình của iPad Air mới? | Tinhte.vn

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Believes kites getting of escort bayan

Jane Fonda’s father was cold and a bully, not to mention a shameless womaniser, but — too young to understand escort bayan mental illness — his daughter always blamed the alarming behaviour of her manic depressive mother for the break-up of her bayan escort parents’ marriage.The future Hollywood sex symbol, Left-wing firebrand and fitness queen felt abandoned by a mother who seemed to have escort time only for her little brother, Peter.When her mother — the beautiful but fragile New York socialite Frances Ford Seymour, eskort Fonda’s second wife — was allowed home briefly from a psychiatric institution (shadowed by nurses because she was on suicide watch), she called out desperately for Jane. But the 12-year-old hid upstairs.Scroll down for video  
The Hollywood sex symbol and fitness queen felt abandoned by her mother who suffered from mental illnessFrances didn’t see her daughter that day, but she did manage to distract her nurses long enough to slip a tiny razor into her pocket. A week later, on her 42nd birthday in April 1950, she shut herself in a bathroom at the hospital and used the razor to kill herself by slashing her throat from ear to ear.
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Unperturbed, Henry Fonda performed on Broadway that night as usual. He didn’t even give their two children the farewell letters their mother had written them, and insisted that she had died of a heart attack.Always outspoken, Jane Fonda is making headlines once more after she returned to the subject of her tragic mother at the weekend, in a speech at a fundraising event in Beverly Hills for a rape victims’ charity.
Jane Fondas father, Henry who was cold and a bullyThe audience of philanthropists and activists was stunned when the 76-year-old actress revealed that her mother had killed herself after being sexually abused from the age of eight.After looking through her mother’s medical records, Jane discovered her terrible secret. She said: ‘The minute that I read that, everything fell into place.’She didn’t say who had been responsible, but made clear it explained a lot. ‘I knew [the reason for] the promiscuity, the endless plastic surgery, the guilt, the inability to love or be intimate, and I was able to forgive her and forgive myself,’ she said.Friends say that her mother’s suicide was the single most formative event in Fonda’s multi- faceted life.In truth, however, abuse allegedly suffered by her mother during her childhood is just one of many unpleasant details in the history of the Hollywood acting dynasty.Henry Fonda was a rising star in 1936 when he met Frances on the set of a British film, Wings Of The Morning, which he was making in Denham, Buckinghamshire. After a whirlwind romance, she chivvied him into getting married.Frances was the daughter of an American industrialist whose family claimed ancestry from Henry VIII’s third wife Jane Seymour – a fact that was reflected in Jane Fonda’s full name being Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda.Jane Fonda has told friends she believes her mother was sexually abused by a piano tuner. She believe the ordeal left Frances traumatised, and turned her into a promiscuous adolescent who had nine abortions before Jane was born. Her first, much older husband, businessman George Brokaw, was a violent alcoholic who beat her savagely.As a mother of two young children, the flighty and self-absorbed Frances ignored her daughter, who she left to be brought up by nannies. Her father was no better, preferring to fly kites with the movie star Jimmy Stewart than spend time with his children.
Henry with Janes mother Frances who had nine abortions before she was bornAlthough he played many of cinema’s most memorable ‘heroic’ roles, in films such as 12 Angry Men and The Grapes Of Wrath, off-screen, Fonda was a useless father and unfaithful husband.Frances was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after the birth of Peter in 1940.Discovering that her husband was cheating on her with other women, Frances went to desperate lengths to regain his attention. She would walk around naked in front of him and even crawl on her hands and knees to him, begging him to talk to her. It didn’t work.Moving from Los Angeles to New York when Fonda got a role on Broadway, Frances sank further into depression — and her behaviour became ever more alarming to her young children.Terrified she was losing her looks, she would spend hours in her darkened bedroom, wearing a chin strap and eye pads to keep her skin youthful. She had plastic surgery long before it was commonplace, and once confided to Jane that if she ever put on weight, she would cut it off with a knife.She finally went over the edge in 1949 when Fonda asked for a divorce to marry his 20-year-old mistress, Susan Blanchard.Frances suffered a mental breakdown and had repeated stays in psychiatric hospitals, sometimes being confined in a straitjacket.Rather than comfort a woman who was descending into madness, her husband’s main concern was for the damage it would cause to his career if word got out his wife was in a ‘loony bin’.Weeks before being placed on suicide watch, Frances stayed with a friend in Manhattan who, one night, caught her staring wild-eyed into the mirror.
Jane Fonda: I dont believe in dwelling on regrets (archive)
Frances finally went over the edge in 1949 when her husband Henry Fonda asked for a divorce to marry his 20-year-old mistress, Susan Blanchard‘I wonder where the jugular vein is?’ she murmured as she caressed her throat. It was a horribly prescient remark.Jane Fonda only learned the awful truth about her mother’s suicide months later when a fellow school pupil showed her a report in a film magazine. Her brother Peter didn’t know for years.By then, having been packed off to boarding school where she had nightmares every night about her dead mother, Jane wrote to her father about her terrors.Henry returned her letters with her grammatical errors highlighted in red ink, refusing ever to discuss the suicide.
Jane inherited her mother’s obsession with her looks. She became a teenage bulimic, a condition that was aggravated by her perfectionist father who would tell her she was getting fatJane inherited her mother’s obsession with her looks. She became a teenage bulimic, a condition that was aggravated by her perfectionist father, who would badger her continually — and unfairly — that she was getting fat.Jane has said that she was ‘made to feel I would not be loved unless I was perfect’.As she admits, her icy father instilled in her a desperate obsession with pleasing men.Described as a chameleon even by her own children, Jane radically transformed herself to suit the controlling men in her life. French film director Roger Vadim, whom she married in 1965, cemented her sex symbol image with the sci-fi film Barbarella.
Jane wed French film director Roger Vadim in 1965Jane has described him as a ‘nicer version of my father’, which — given that Vadim was an alcoholic, gambler and compulsive philanderer — was a damning verdict on Henry. They enjoyed an image as one of the world’s most glamorous couples.However, Vadim — the ex- husband of Brigitte Bardot — had persuaded Jane to accept an open marriage. According to her, it started when he brought home a red-headed high-class call girl.Stifling her anger and jealousy, she subsequently ‘threw myself into the sex’.She duly started picking up girls for threesomes, or more.‘I took my cues from him and threw myself into the threesome with the skill and enthusiasm of the actress I am,’ says Jane. ‘I was doing it to keep a man happy.’But Vadim made no secret of the fact that he regarded Jane as a second-rate Bardot. His infidelity, and her growing attraction to radical politics, ended their marriage after eight years.Next, she wed Left-wing activist Tom Hayden after meeting during her fateful visit to North Vietnam in 1972. Many Americans will never forgive ‘Hanoi Jane’ for her anti-war stance.As with Vadim, Jane sacrificed herself for Hayden, who made her live in a small bungalow in California and do all the laundry by hand, because he didn’t approve of washing machines.Friends say he resented her fame, but he happily lived off the money it brought to launch his political career.After she discovered Hayden was cheating on her, she was snapped up by Ted Turner, founder of the CNN TV channel. A notorious womaniser, he forced her to give up acting and become a trophy wife.A month after their wedding, she discovered he had a mistress. But it was her new-found Christianity that finally ended their ten-year marriage when Turner left her.
Jane wed Left-wing activist Tom Hayden (right) after meeting during her fateful visit to North Vietnam in 1972She appears finally to have found contentment with her current partner, music producer Richard Perry, with whom she has been since 2009. But still, the memory of her mother’s suicide still haunts her.As Jane confided to a friend, she was once afraid that she, too, might kill herself, but she later realised that she never would.Why? ‘Because life is too damn interesting, and I think I’m too important.’ 

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On panic action

Sportsmail columnist Martin Keown answered your questions on Thursday ahead of the weekends Premier League action.Top of the agenda this week was Manchester Uniteds defence. Keown believes that none of the current back four would make any of Sir Alex Fergusons squads.Also discussed this week is the North London derby and the centre backs who could make a move to the top sides in the Premier League in January.Find out Keowns thoughts on all that, plus the other big clash of the weekend, Liverpool v Everton on Saturday.Email your questions to Martin HERE or send your tweets to @MailSport using #TackleKeown in time for next weeks questions.  
How training on his days off, a pep talk from Gary Neville and the stability of still living at home with mum and dad have turned Tyler Blackett into great hope at the heart of Manchester United’s defence
Manchester United are in panic mode after handing Louis van Gaal £150m, says Sam Allardyce 
Southampton should have emulated Manchester United’s Class of 92… but instead, they had to sell Luke Shaw and Adam Lallana to the wealthy elite (and the villain here is our old friend FFP) 
Manchester United fans to tempt Cristiano Ronaldo back with fly over COME HOME banner during Real Madrids next game
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parts u n s stars read table

Every week, African Start-Up follows entrepreneurs in various countries across the continent to see how they are working to make their business dreams become reality.
(CNN) — Fresh faced and full of energy, five recent graduates sit around the conference room table. They all hail from a different African country, and they all have big dreams about revamping education in their continent for a digital era.
These are the headquarters of Funda in Cape Town, an online training platform thats been partnering with universities in South Africa to provide short e-courses for users. Helped by a single private investor, the tech education portal is looking to harness a growing demand for online learning by allowing students to log into classes remotely.
At Funda, we develop learning management systems and provide content development services to higher institutions to take their courses online so that the general public can access them at a cheaper price, says Nigerian-born Kolawole Olajide, one of Fundas founders.

Where electronic waste becomes art

Nigerias Mark Zuckerburg builds own school

The flexibility that comes with e-learning is just one of the many reasons Olajide says the online education tool has found success.
Its responsive to the students schedules, says the 22-year-old entrepreneur. But also managers who want to do courses but are too busy to do them can now use [Funda] and sign in when they get back from work and access the resources online.
Olajide came up with the concept for Funda — which means to learn in Zulu — at university when he found he couldnt take school home. He had hoped to start the company in his homeland of Nigeria, but the obstacles were too great.
It was very difficult because they were not digitally ready, he recalls. They did not understand what I was trying to do. The second problem I faced was internet penetration in the country. I thought South Africa was more stable so Funda had a higher chance of success there because many people already have the Internet.
Alongside four other young entrepreneurs — Kennedy Kitheka (Kenya), Jason Muloongo (Zambia), Sameer Rawjee (South Africa) and Kumbirai Gundani (Zimbabwe) — the e-learning portal took shape and each founder provided a different perspective for the startup.
None are over the age of 25, yet these innovators are simply doing what is natural to the millennial generation — using technology to find solutions to problems theyve experienced.

The future of the continent lies in how educated people are. All the major problems can be solved with education. Education is the key to the future.
Kolawole Olajide, co-founder of Funda, an e-learning platform

We bring together the problems weve seen in different parts of Africa and we are all trying to create together solutions to the problems we have experienced in different parts of the continent, says Olajide.
He adds: I was aware of user experience because user experience of technology in Nigeria was not very good. One of the other partners was keen on developing the mobile application because he said in his area of the world, there are more mobile users. So we are bringing together solutions made by the problems weve faced in Africa.
Olajide explains that Funda offers a free mobile app that can be downloaded to a users smartphone. Students can access the e-learning portal via a keycode provided by the university they are registered to.
At the moment, [mobile] is very limited. Mobile phones are good for getting your results, educators checking attendance reports and all that stuff. But the real core experience is from the desktop machine.
Since its launch in 2009, Funda has been recognized by several international bodies, including the United Nations Development Programme and the World Economic Forum. It has also received a number of accolades, including the Best Tech Innovation and Education award at the U.N.s World Youth Summit in 2012 and Mazars Best Sustainable Business Model prize.
Looking ahead, Olajide has big plans for the startup. Our major goal is to be a major education technology provider in Africa, he says. So were just trying to strategically position ourselves, so when Africa is ready we would also be ready.
For the time being however, the companys main focus is creating sustainable growth before proceeding to roll out the platform across the continent.
As for Olajide, the passionate Nigerian says he is determined to keep on working to help increase accessibility to education in the continent.
The future of the continent lies in how educated people are, he says. All the major problems can be solved with education — education is the key to the future.
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More from African Start-Up

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Certain the towards wildlife

Every week, Inside Africa takes its viewers on a journey across Africa, exploring the true diversity and depth of different cultures, countries and regions.
Lilongwe, Malawi (CNN) — Malawi is in the midst of a population explosion. In 1966, the country boasted a meager four million citizens. Today, that number hovers around the 15 million mark and could reach 37 million by 2050.
Thats a big number for a country half the size of the United Kingdom, and could spell trouble for indigenous wildlife.
Animals know their range. Theyre used to feeding and drinking (in certain areas), and those features are still there in the mind of an elephant, explains Alex Chunga, a manager at Kusungu National Park.

When an animal goes back to where it used to go, and suddenly there are people, those people feel the animal is doing something wrong, but in essence, it used to be their home.
Each year, thousands of wild animals fall victim to human encroachment, poaching and the illegal pet trade. The Lilongwe Wildlife Center — the countrys only accredited wildlife sanctuary — is hoping to change that. They house over 200 animals and host educational tours for school children to get them into conservation early.
Cast of characters
Every animal as the Lilongwe Wildlife Center has a story, and often, not a happy one. Take for instance Stumpy, a one-armed baboon who was found tied to a tree outside a butcher shop. Because he likely wouldnt survive back in the wild, the Center will be his home for the remainder of his life.
Then there are the seven owls (each since named after one of Snow Whites dwarfs) who a local found on his roof and, fearing they were bad luck, almost killed them before someone convinced him to call them in instead.
Theres also Xena, a vervet monkey who was kept as a pet and tied to a rope on the roof of a barn. As a result, shes never interacted with other monkeys, and has to be trained to coexist with her own kind.
See animals return to the wild
Students learn to respect wildlife
This is a good site for animals who are not getting the proper welfare, says Yessiah Symon, Lilongwes head of animal care.
Do they stay or do they go?
Lilongwe is partnered with Kasungu National Park, 111 miles outside of the reserve, to release some animals back into the wild. To qualify for release, an animal needs to have spent part of its life in the wild, or be young enough to adapt. It also has to be in good health.
A lot goes into training animals to reintegrate into the world at large. For starters, there is a strict no-human contact policy. The subjects are also given predator awareness training. Once reintroduced into the park, some animals are then monitored by release managers to make sure theyre integrating properly.
Conservation for the future
To further the cause, Lilongwe hosts thousands of school children each year. Last year alone, they received over 30,000 school groups. They teach the children respect for wildlife, and try and drive home the point that some animals — like primates — arent meant to be pets.
Weve managed to come up with various modules, from targeting biodiversity, soil management, climate change, and wildlife welfare, explains Clement Manjaalera, Lilongwes education manager.
Inspiring youth to conserve nature, to look after animals and have respect towards these animals and also to take a leading role in these projects is important. It can be useful in helping them to have a sustainable livelihood.
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